Foxy Brown: Brookyln's SuperHead ??

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Foxy Brown! WoW!  Any who, allegedly there is a Foxy Brown sex tape rumored to be coming out! And, It’s alleged to be Called, “Foxy Brown Brooklyn’s Super head.” Oh wow! Ok, here’s my take on this whole situation. I viewed the Lil Clip of the Chick giving head! I will say she looks a lot like Foxy Brown! And, If it is Foxy, so the hell what! Foxy Brown talks about sucking Dick in her rhymes, so! And, she was very aware of the camera being there, because she was looking dead at it! I just don’t understand the video Clip it looks like a 1 minute clip, which just kept getting replayed over & over again! I just want to address, One Hater in particular, Rapper Maino!