Oprah Winfrey’s Precious Movie Released Today In Cinemas

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An Oprah Winfrey production, Precious movie is much awaited. Precious is based on a novel by Sapphire. Mariah Carey is among the cast of the film.

The movie revolves round the character of Clareece \Precious\ Jones (Gabby Sidibe), who is 16 years old and is pregnant with her second child. Precious is an “Ugly Ducking” and her obesity receives remarks all the times from her peers The situation has made her almost devoid of any self esteem. Above allPrecious has to face her abusive mother all the time. The family is fully dependent on the welfare. The incestuous relationship between Precious and her father is a complex one. Precious ’ father has made her pregnant with her second child. However her conditions have not robbed one thing and that is her dreams. She dreams of being loved and becoming a model.

The fate takes a twist as she gets admission in an alternative school. Ms. Rain proves not only to be her best friend but gives her the mostprecious commodity of self respect also.

The precious movie is about retaining the hope even when there is total darkness and there is no light around and it is also about lending a helping hand to others, to make them excel and succeed in life.

Sidibebe’s performance is compelling as a black obese girl at the lowest point in her life.