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First of all…Let me start out with a little bio.. I’m a 19 year old black male from South Carolina.. Columbia, SC aka the MET, Metro, etc. etc…While were on nicknames, my nickname is GT, so its cool if you call me GT. I’m a student @ the University of South CAROLINA majoring in engineering..I also have a strong passion for graphic design, computer repair and anything else that revolves around a keyboard and a shiny lcd screen.


Thestreetmix.com is a new blog/video site that will keep the world updated on hip hop news and culture. We strive to keep everyone in the MIX and not exclude any information or news from our viewers. If we hear about it; we’re going to let you know and ask you your opinion about it.


Stuff happens..stuff gets covered up..we bring the truth out..before there can be change, there must be truth.

Team Members??

Right now its just me and my team from Empire…I’m working on signing a couple of writers…Looking at this talented chick that goes by ‘D-Rae’ as we speak..