Police Shoot & Kill 71 Year Old Woman!!!

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Police Shoot & Kill 71 Year Old Woman!!!

Elsa Seman is a 71 year old woman who was shot and killed by police in North Versailles Pennsylvania.

However before you say “f***k the police” you got to understand the story. It involves love, jealousy and can really make for a cool movie.

Police were called because a neighbor reported that a motion sensor light was constantly going on and off, along with suspicion of a ‘prowler.’ The prowler happened to be Elsa Seman lurking outside her ex boyfriends house while he was out on a date.

The night before, the police were called to the same house, and advised the ex boyfriend to get a restraining order. What happens next is the shocking part.

When police arrived, they found the old lady in the bushes. Seman was found in full hit man attire. She was armed, dressed in black, wearing latex gloves, and had a loaded gun, that she was pointing at the officers.

Elsa died at the age of 71, by two gunshot wounds to the chest. The officer claim he identified himself before shooting.