Rejected Teen Ordered Hit on Older Man

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Shanovia Mack is used to getting what she wants, so when an older man said he wasn’t interested in dating the teen, she decided it was payback time, the victim’s family believe.

Now Mack, 16, faces murder charges in connection with the shooting death of 23-year-old Vladimir Valcourt, who was gunned down in front of his Palm Beach home two weeks ago.

Police had already arrested the man who pulled the trigger, Mack’s brother, but were directed to Mack after investigators were told by sources she planned the entire hit. Police have yet to confirm that Mack was a love-spurned teen, according to the Palm Beach Post.

mack claims Valcourt hit her and thats when she told her brother.

Murked for Love
Murked for Love

Murked for Love

Mack asked her brother, 18-year-old Adrian Leebrent Hunter, to kill Valcourt on September 6, police alleged. Hunter and some friends drove to Valcourt’s home and attacked him and a friend outside. As Hunter pistol-whipped the friend, the gun went off and shot Valcourt in the chest, killing him instantly as his mother slept upstairs unaware of what had happened.

Police reports state witnesses overheard Mack say several times that she was going to have her boyfriend “murked” – slang for murdered.

Valcourt’s family attended Mack’s court appearance Friday and didn’t hesitate to voice their opinion of a motive.

Ghislane Ottinot, Valcourt’s aunt, said her nephew refused to date Mack because she was too young.

“My nephew didn’t do nothing,” Ottinot said. “He wasn’t in no gang. He wasn’t a criminal, whatever.”