Eminem- Difficult [Download + Lyrics]

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Eminem – Difficult by Hypetrak

They ask me am i okay, they ask me if im happy
are they asking me that because of the shit thats been thrown at me
or am i just a little snappy and they genuinely care
Doody, most of my life its just been me and you there
and i continuously stare at pictures of you
i never got to say i love you as much as i wanted to but i do
yea, i say it now and you cant hear me
what the fuck good does that do me now
but somehow i know your near me, your presence
oh i went and droped some presents of for easter to them
2 little beautiful boys of yours to try to ease their
minds a little and dawg youll never believe this
but shiranda, actually talks to me now, jesus
and everyone else is just trying to pick up the peices
man how can you touch so many fuckin lives and just leave us
they say grieving has its way of effecting everyone different
if its true, how the fuck im spose to get over you? difficult as it sounds…

Doody, thats what we call each other
i dont know where it came from but it just stuck with us, we was always brothers
never thought about each others, skin colours
till one day we was walking up the block in the summer
it was like 90 degrees i was catching a sunburn
trying to walk under the trees just to give me some comfort
im moaning i just want to get home and i look over and your shirt is off im like your gonna fry your like no i wont im
black stupid, & black people they got melatonin
in their skin, we dont burn meanwhile my face is glowing and i feel like im on fire
and the entire time your just laughing at me, and snappin at me with your shirt bastard
and i still have to get you back for that shit
and by the way them playboy rings my mother stole from you, well nate finally got em back, shit
it must of been atleast 16 years ago, well i put em in your cask-ahh im moving past it
it still aint registered yet, but you can bet, your legacy they’ll never forget
the motor-city mo-town hip-hop vet, hip-hop shop dreads, it dont stop there
yeaa, as difficult as it sounds

and this may sound a little strange but imma tell it
i found that jacket that you left at my wedding, i picked it up to smell it
i wrapped it up in plastic untill i put it in glass and
hang it up in the hallway so i can always look at it
and as for all of me & D12 we feel like fuck rap
it feels like our general just fuckin died in our lap
we shut off all our pagers all our cell numbers are changed our 2ways
are in the trashes some cats’ll have to find a new way
and i know that it feels like their dreams had died with you today
but the truth is, their all still here and you aint
purple gang, you gotta keep pressing on
dont ever give up your dream dawg, i got love for you all, and Doody
its true you brought people together who never would of been in the same room if it wasnt for you
you were the peacemaker doody, i know sometimes you were moody
but you hated confrontation and truely hated the fueding
but you was down for yours whenever it came to scraping, if it had to happen it had to happen
believe me i know your the one who taught me to throw them bo’s back on dresdan
from egging cars to paintballin, gettin arrested
to sittin accross from each other in cells laughing in jessin
they tried to hit us for 5 years for that no question
i guess them hookers and bums that we shot up didnt show up for court till we got off for the technicality left sweatin
me you and, whats his face, i forgot his fuckin name
shame he even came to your funeral he betrayed our team
and if i see him again imma punch him in the fuckin face
and thats on hailie jade whitney lane and alaina’s name
i let the pistol bang once just to lick a shot in the air for you and pour some liquor out with obie in the parking lot
a 54 just before we were suppose to get in cars to come and see you its more difficult as it sounds.