Nas and Jay Z Beef: Nas Hanging Robotic Jay-Z??

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Footage of what would have been the staged death of Jay-Z at Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2002 has now surfaced online, showing just how intense Nas’ now-defunct beef with the rapper was ten years ago.

In the now-released footage, fans get an up-close look at the demise Nasty Nas envisioned for Jay at the height of their rap feud.

Unreleased footage of what was going to be the lynching of a Jay-Z effigy by Nas has released. The fake “Jay-Z” was supposed to be complete with mechanical movements that was intended to be hanged in front of thousands on the Summer Jam stage. Hot 97 of course didn’t let him do that which explains why Nas didn’t perform that year. (2 Dope Boyz)

After Hot 97 denied Nas’ request to stage the hanging during his set, he appeared on rival station Power 105.1 to lash out.

“I been bamboozled, hoodwinked and the whole nine,” Nas told radio host Steph Lova. “I’m here to let my people know that I was dissed this morning and told what I couldn’t do on the show. Which is really outrageous and shows that the wrong people are in power — It’s really out of hand and I’m not going for it.” (Power 105.1)

Hot 97’s Angie Martinez later denied claims suggesting they pulled the plug on Nas to protect their relationship with Jay-Z.

“Management told him not do it…Nas then decided if he couldn’t do that portion of the show, he didn’t want to do any show. We were not trying to protect a specific artist, this was not about politics, money, nothing. This was just a decision that was made. That’s the truth.” (Hot 97)

After making his long-awaited return to Summer Jam earlier this month, “God’s Son” weighed in on his past conflict and Nicki Minaj’s controversial no-show after a separate Hot 97 dispute.

“I’ve been there before and things like that happen every couple of years. I guess this is the second time something has happened like that between the artist and the radio station. We don’t always agree and the nature of hip-hop can be aggressive and get real gangsta on you now and then. That’s just what it is. These things happen,” Nas explained. “[YMCMB’s] situation was different than mine and I’m not clear on all of it, but of course when it happened with me years ago, it was based on the Jay-Z drama and a whole bunch of other stuff. Her situation is based on something different between her and her camp. Eventually I got cool with Hot 97 and they got cool with me. It’s one hip-hop family, and that’s how it should be at the end of the day.” (Rap-Up)