John Legend Says Kanye West “Doesn’t Really Make Beats Anymore” [News]

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G.O.O.D. Music signee, John Legend, reveals that Kanye West doesn’t really make beats anymore, as he discusses his upcoming album “Love In The Future.”

John Legend is currently prepping a new studio album, which sounds like it’s shaping up to be his best yet. It’s the closest John’s worked with Kanye West, his G.O.O.D. Music boss, ever on a project, and so that alone adds to the anticipation. He’s released two well-recieved singles so far, “The Beginning,” and “Who Do We Think We Are” with Rick Ross, and now he’s confirmed on the Breakfast Club that the album, Love In The Future, is arriving this summer. As he discusses the LP with the Power 105 crew, he reveals something that may come as a surprise, and then again, may not– Kanye West doesn’t actually make beats anymore.

As the interview began, John Legend detailed his relationship with ‘Ye, whom, although he’s known for awhile, he never worked with that closely on any album. Now that’s changed with his fourth studio album, Love In The Future. Legend went on to detail how Kanye doesn’t actually make beats anymore, but oversees others’ production, and tweaks them.

“Yeah, we’ve always worked together, I’ve been signed to his label since the very beginning. We met here, in New York, back in 2001, when we were both unknowns, and he’s been working with me ever since. And we just wanted to get this album right, so we spent a lot of time on it,” John said of Kanye West.

He revealed, “he [Kanye West] doesn’t really make beats anymore. But he suggest beats to write too.” He continued, “he has all these young producers coming through and he just kinda curates it, and helps put the album together. [He] helps write songs, helps curate all the beat selection, song selection, helps with the videos and everything.”

“I don’t encourage him not to make beats,” John laughed. “He don’t really make beats anymore, like he wants to draw from other people’s energy.” He added, “He still tweaks the beats himself, he doesn’t make a lot of beats individually himself.’