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Please note that ad prices are constantly changing due to traffic increasing.

There are several positions available for your company, artists, website, blog, etc. to advertise. Let us know what your looking for and we will assist you to the fullest of our abilities.


Song Post: $3 per song
Video Post: $5 per video
Tweet from @thestreetmix: $5 per tweet

Featured: $30 per week ( 3 week max)

About: We sell “Takeover: THE FEATURE” ads by the week only. “Takeover: The Feature” advertisement is possibly the most effective way for users to view what you have to offer. Please note that we do not accept all sites. We will feature your website or product as a feature post on our site.

Where: Homepage

Price: $100/wk



About: What better way to advertise than through a video. Your video will be seen on our homepage thousands upon thousands of times a day. We limit this spot to 5 days per video.
Where: Homepage only @ VIDEO OF THE DAY

Price: $10.00 / day Limit 5 days per video



About:This banner will only display on the homepage under sponsors.
Price: $200.00 / month.

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