Beyonce on Oprah??

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If you though Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston was big — get ready for this one. just learned that Beyonce Knowles has agreed to sit down for an hour-long interview with Oprah.

Why is that so groundbreaking — well because it isn’t just any old interview.

According to an EXTREMELY reliable source Beyonce has agreed to talk about EVERYTHING.’s insider claims that Beyonce will talk about her parents relationship – including her father’s other women. And that she’ll talk about what really happened with Destiny-s Child – including why she and Kelly Rowland barely talk anymore.

And of course she’ll discuss her relationship with Jay Z. The insider said, “She won’t get to in depth about her [marriage] to Jay Z. But she will discuss their plans for children.”

Can’t wait to see this one . . . I just hope Oprah has good security. Cause you know Bey’s dad might jump on stage and Joe Jackson her in front of the cameras.

BTW – Shout out to Oprah and Gayle who we’re told are FAITHFUL MTO readers – Sorry we spoiled the surprise ladies – 😉