Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim

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Last few days, Lil Kim has been ranting about how Nicki bit her style. Ray J said some things. Drake said some things. Here’s all the ish:

“The Queen B Gets Barbie Style On Stage & Takes Off The Wig) “Im So Above This”

“Lil Kim Wants Nicki Minaj To Pay Homage On Biting Her Style & Ray J Co-Signs! “Alot Of People Biting Her Style & Sh*t. I Aint Saying No Names. But You Know Who””

Don’t Give A F*ck What Lil Kim Is Talking About. You The Baddest Woman To Ever Do This Sh*t”

Lil Kim On Nicki Minaj Swagga Jackin Her Style! “Atleast Pay Respect. Don’t Try To Act Like You Created This”

Is Kim right? Is Nicki jacking her style?